2014 InSight Annual Conference

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    Single Sign-On. Is it Worth the Investment?

    Session Number: 3156
    Track: Industry Hot Topics
    Session Type: TED-Style Talk
    Primary Presenter: Philip Bierdz, MBA [Infrastructure Manager - Riverside Medical Center]
    Time: Aug 07, 2014 (09:15 AM - 10:15 AM)
    Room: Room 139

    All SIGs: Horizon Care Records/Alerts, Horizon Clinical Documentation/Horizon Expert Documentation, Horizon Emergency Care, Horizon Order Management/Horizon Expert Orders, Horizon Portal, Technology Insight
    Key Take-Away 1: Attendees will gain an understanding of the hard costs and soft benefits of single sign on applications and improved security based on an objective assessment of utilization and feedback from Riverside Medical Center.
    Key Take-Away 2: An overview of most current developments and trends in biometric authentication will be discussed along with the benefits, weaknesses, and opportunities they provide in the clinical arena.
    Key Take-Away 3: A live demonstration of SSO (Single Signon).
    Attendee Experience Level: Beginner
    Attendee Audience: Nurses, Pharmacy , Pharmacy Tech, Physician

    Session Description :  The move from paper to electronic records promises improved efficiency, increased productivity and ultimately, better patient outcomes. Yet the lure of these benefits is often overshadowed by the initial drawbacks that result from the distraction and frustration associated with the security measures required to protect electronic patient data. While care providers want to ensure patient privacy, nothing can distract from their number one goal – delivering the highest level of patient care. So when time studies at Riverside Medical Center revealed that clinicians were collectively spending hundreds of hours retrieving lost passwords and resetting passwords for various applications, the IT team understood there was a strong requirement to implement a solution that met necessary security requirements and simplified the authentication process into multiple systems. Three years after implementation, the project has been a tremendous success. How did the journey go, what technologies were put in place that changed process, and was it worth it? In addition, what are the next steps as new technologies have been introduced; where do we go from here?

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